Hindu brothers & sisters-Please pardon us for reaching you by email that we got from internet. Kindly spare time to go through  AN APPEAL by

 SRI YOGANANDA LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY SEVA TRUST, VEDADRI(Rg.No 21/2006), a voluntary organization  formed with the  purpose of saving and maintaining till natural death any number of SWADESHI GOMATHAS, the symbol of Hindu religion, from going to slaughter houses for cruel killing to convert as pieces of meat for local use and export to Gulf countries. At present we have 160+ Gomathas in our SRI VEDARI GOSALA.

VEDADRI   is a temple village, the seat of LORD YOGANANDA LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY, on the banks of river HOLI KRISHNA, in bushy forest area near JAGGAYYAPET, Krishna dist, A.P. PIN 521457.The place is 200 K.M from Hyderabad and 75 K.M .from Vijayawada and very close to the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, namely  Amaravathi. We also run a Nitya Anna Dana Satram(Dharmasala) for the visiting pilgrims along with retiring rooms for night stay & function halls.

We believe as a Hindu you are aware that  the cow  worship amounts to the worship of all the Gods. Sri Surabhi, the cow goddess is Kamadhenu that gives every thing that mankind needs for fulfillment of Dharma.artha,kama and moksha.

We wish to increase the strength of cows to sasasram (1000 +)in our Sri Vedadri Gosala. Land is required for the comfort of cows in three ways.1)Up land for the construction of cow sheds,workers  quarters, veterinary hospital  etc.2)Wet land to get different kinds of green grasses as well as pulses such as horse grams,pillipisara, jute etc.that are used to get the feed.3)Vast open lands with green landscapes for the daytime movement of cows.

 We request you to kindly donate land to our Trust for the comfort of cows to the extent of minimum 25 Sq.Yards(half cent)sufficient for comfortable stand of 10 cows or comfortable sleep of 5 cows.All the Trust members are Brahmins and we accept the donation of land from your hands as prescribed by holy Vedas  by arranging a purohit. So far we got 6 acres of land by bhudanam.The donation of land(bhudanam) itself is one of the best danams as per holi Vedas and that too for comfort of cows has rich sentimental value.


We wish to invite you to become a member of the club of land owners of Vedadri village. You are humbly requested to purchase land in your name in Vedari village and offer the land to our Sri Vedadri Gosala on long term lease for the comfort of cows. The land possession reverts to you after the lease period or even before expiry of lease period if you feel the land not being used for the comfort of cows.

Starting from one cent of land (100 cents makes an acre) you may get registered in your name with appropriate documentation. The present cost of land per acre is between Rs15,00,000 to Rs 25,00,000/-.You may also help for GOPOSHANA and any amount is not small.

Donations to our Trust will qualify for income tax exemption as per sec 80 G.Kindly circulate this concept in your friends&relatives ciecle.


If you are interested in GOMATHANU RAKSHINCHANDI concept kindly contact us at E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our Cell # 9701594519.  Please also visit our website for more details: www.vedadrigosala.com .


Our bank accounts(SYLNSS TRUST )

Bank A/C No IFSC CODE ANDHRA BANK, JAGGAYYAPET 025711011000090 ANDB0000257 CANARA BANK, JAGGAYYAPET 3973101000837 CNRB0003973 AXIS BANK, CHILLAKALLU 585010100018391 UTIB000595


We pray Lord LORD YOGANANDA LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY & Gomatha for all success in your present and future projects

Thanking you,

Yours truly,